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Things to do During the General Strike

Tomorrow is a general strike across Southern Europe. As I don’t work for a Spanish company, I can’t exactly join in. In Sevilla, everything is expected to be closed and there will be delays with any form of public transport. I have come up with a list of ideas of what to do if you can’t join in with the strike (Huelga in Spanish) across Southern Europe. This list could also apply to any Sunday or bank holiday or really any day, ever…

* Take photos of the strike and the protest, maybe try a film you’ve been wanting to use for ages * Try a recipe you’ve been thinking about for a while – like these apple churros * Bake a cake * Dye your hair a crazy colour * Write a blog post * Upload the photos that have been kicking around your desktop for ages * Reorganise your wardrobe * Make soup and freeze it for the days ahead * Watch a TV programme you always hear people talking about (like Homelands for me) * Take the dog for a long walk * Update your Amazon wishlist in time for Christmas * Give yourself a manicure with a crazy colour * Work through your blogroll * Decorate your bedroom with fairy lights * Make these yarn ball bookmarks * Take a long bath * Put these book writing tips in to action * Reply to those emails/letters that have been on your mind * Plan a trip somewhere and check the prices of everything * Read * Make an event out of breakfast with eggs, toast, tea etc – the works * Change your bedding – how good is it to sleep on fresh sheets? * Contact someone you haven’t spoken to for ages * Go for a run * Write or start a diary * Label items in your house in a foreign language – everything in our flat has been labeled in Spanish and English including the congelador * Use a hair and/or face mask * Make salt scrub * Make a themed Spotify playlist * Sleep…

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