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Things I Love Thursday

These are just some of the things I love on this grey rainy Thursday. Well, not just limited to today…

Rubies in the Rubble chutney. I haven’t tried it but the concept behind the company is amazing and inspiring * I try not to wear unnecessary leather but this pinafore dress is cute * I need these boots. ASAP * Apple and oat muffins are delicious and one of your five a day. Easy to make. Just don’t leave them anywhere near your dog, ok? * Beautiful green chairs add colour to a room * Everyday sexism project * Rules of Civility excellent book about 1930s Manhattan. If you’ve read the The Best of Everything then you’ll love it. If you haven’t read either but you like Mad Men then what are you waiting for? * Listening to podcasts * Zac Goldsmith for ignoring party politics and speaking out against the DM. Brave * Doing yoga and feeling like I might actually be quite good at it * This photo of Jane Birkin. Her basket is just perfect * This TFL notice at Green Park tube station. No spooning! * Excited to go to this event: Can fashion and feminism ever be friends? * Orange is the new black the TV series. So good! When is season 2 coming? * 30 dogs who are actually Mean Girls *

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  1. Chris Smith says:

    Can see why you like the boots!!

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