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Stella McCartney Sales Picks

I have long been a fan of Stella McCartney’s work, in fact, scrap that, I have long been a fan of the McCartneys in general. In my family, Paul McCartney and his children are spoken of like the Royal family. We were brought up listening to The Beatles and my love of fashion has grown as Stella has developed her own line. Unfortunately, my budget does not usually stretch to her prices, so sale time is an exciting opportunity to bag one of her gorgeous designs.

Below are a couple of items which I’ve got my eye on including this hexagonal print dress (£367.50, was £735). You may remember it as the dress that Mary McCartney wore to her Dad’s wedding earlier this year. It’s a classic design and a very versatile piece.

I have also fallen for (another) stripey knit (£165, was £330) which I could probably live in. Plus, I could mix up my prints with these polka dots flats (£112, was £225). Finally, can you ever have enough accessories? I think not. The Nirvana wallet (£102.50, was £205) would fit in my collection nicely. As always, all of these pieces are animal free meaning it’s basically a guilt-free purchase, right? RIGHT?

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  1. chris smith says:

    Like the polka dot flats & the stripy jumper.

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