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Jeanius: Donna Ida

Before yesterday, I must confess that I didn’t know much about Donna Ida. I knew about her online denim boutique and I’ve seen her awesome style on Show Me Your Wardrobe, but I have never set foot in one of her boutiques and now I’m a complete convert. She was being interviewed by British Vogue’s online editor Dolly Jones at an event hosted by The Industry London. Wearing a pair of skinny, leather, Current Elliott trousers (which she joked were last season), Donna inspired a room of fashion industry insiders.

Donna Ida

Donna entered the retail trade in 2005 when her love of jeans motivated her to open her own boutique in Chelsea. She was nervous about it, but had such a great enthusiasm for the product that she thought it was worth the risk. Since then, she has created an online store and opened three more boutiques. Donna explained how she sees jeans as a foundation piece for an outfit and that the right fit is vital as it gives you better posture and ultimately makes you more confident. She helps customers find the right shape, fit and brand via her denim clinic both instore and online.

The most impressive thing to me about Donna, was her sheer enthusiasm for good customer service. She expressed how much she enjoys to be on the shop floor (which she still regularly does) and stressed the importance of engaging with your customer. She often communicates with her customers over Twitter which she updates constantly. Donna also said that a lot of her success came from fresh ideas. She explained, “I’ll do anything! You have to try different things. If it doesn’t work, it’s ok. Try something new.” Which is a great motto for life!

I am definitely going to make an effort to visit one of her boutiques as I am intrigued by the customer experience it offers. Although as she credit a lot of her business growth to “word of mouth”, I have high expectations. I asked the risky question regarding her favourite brands and she confessed that her personal favourites (for her to wear) included J Brand, Current Elliott and James. I can’t wait to find out which styles and brands she (or her staff) recommend for me. Stay tuned to find out! See below for a video of Donna talking about this season’s trends.

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