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An Update

I thought I’d just write a brief update to explain the disappearing act I’ve pulled since my last post (on June 17th! Oops…) I have been travelling a lot and I think my average speed is probably around 200mph, unless I’m carrying a backpack and then you can probably witness snails, turtles and ants scampering past me. I have been on the move a lot, stopping in many different time zones and rarely having access to the internet for longer than half an hour. I still haven’t made it back to British summertime, but I did just figure out that since landing in Mexico City on 2nd July I have covered over 10,500 km. There is a vague map of the places covered below but there has also been plenty more journeys within those ones. Needless to say, normal service will resume soon. Very soon. As they say on the phone, thanks for waiting.

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  1. Chris Smith says:

    Nearing the end of an epic honeymoon!

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